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Alopecia: Can Collagen Rejuvenate Thinning Hair?

Alopecia: Can Collagen Rejuvenate Thinning Hair? - Correxiko - The Collagen Experts

Alopecia is a hair-loss condition that affects men and women equally, though in different ways. For men, this generally means an ever-widening patch of baldness on their crown. For women, the hair loss begins near the hairline on the top of the head. Can collagen rejuvenate thinning hair?


One look at the timeline of mankind, and you’d be astounded by the number of advances we have made in every aspect of our lives in just over 50 years (compared to before that). Those advances include changes in perceptions of what constitutes beauty and how to achieve that naturally and with as little self-harm as possible.


What causes thinning hair and alopecia?

For some, this may be a genetic condition. For others, harsh chemicals and substance abuse play a pivotal role in the now-thinning hair they are left with.


In the human body, hair could grow anywhere, including on the scalp, chest and groin area, in the armpits, and on the face. Hair follicles are responsible for the maintenance of cells that are capable of growing body hair.


Hair follicles also produce melanin, which is responsible for the color of your hair. As follicles produce less melanin, hair becomes fine, brittle, and gray.


The age at which we turn gray is predetermined by our genetic makeup, and there are no medicines, supplements, or other remedies that can change this fact. How much hair we have is also determined by genetic factors, but can be altered by the use of harsh chemicals, drugs, medicines.


Constant hair treatments such as chemical curling (permanent waves) or dyeing your hair repetitively can strip your hair and the hair follicles of all nutrients, stifling growth. And as we get older, our body’s ability to manufacture, synthesize, and use essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients slows down.


In menopausal women the opposite is often true, where thicker, coarser hair now grows where once there was none. Men may find that their facial hair has also become coarser, sometimes resulting in “bushy eyebrows” that would make Father Christmas jealous. Known as female-pattern balding (or androgenetic alopecia), almost two thirds of all women will be affected by this hair-thinning condition after menopause.


Autoimmunity brings with it a pretty nasty form of alopecia, known as Alopecia Areata. One of the biggest triggers in Alopecia Areata is severe and/or prolonged stress. In turn, repetitive, chronic stress damages not only your immune system and other core body systems and organs; it also triggers disease markers in your DNA.


Medically speaking, chronic stress can refer to the impact pharmacological drugs and preparations can have on our bodies, as well as the severity of the condition(s) we may be dealing with. Recreational drugs that cross the blood brain barrier can also wreak havoc on our systems, often fundamentally altering who we are and what we look like.


How does collagen rejuvenate thinning hair and repair alopecia?

No matter the cause of your thinning hair, the many benefits of taking collagen supplements make this a versatile protein that supports your whole system, not just your bald patch. Vitamin C plays a crucial role in the body’s natural collagen production, just as it does in the body’s immunity.


Collagen deficiencies often result in dry, patchy skin, thinning hair, and overall feelings of fatigue, listlessness, and joint pain. Free radicals from pollution and cigarette smoke, or harsh UV rays from the sun, can damage collagen stores and weaken protein cells.


Collagen consists of 19 essential amino acids, the body’s key building blocks. Collagen can also be synthesized from animals (bovine or mammalian collagen) or from fish-based species (marine collagen). For hair, nails, eyes, teeth, and skin, type I and type III collagen peptides are recommended due to their amazing antoxidating and antiaging effects on skin, as well as their positive effect on hair follicle activity.


It is vitally important that we monitor and support our collagen-promoting essential nutrients like vitamin C (or ascorbic acid). A body lacking vitamin C (or limited uptake of administered vitamin C) can result in a weakened immune system because collagen does not have its required building blocks in the absence of vitamin C.


Remember to check the label and verify that the product you choose contains essential vitamins and minerals that can aid in boosting your collagen production – vitamin C, zinc, and selenium are often also deficient in a collagen deficiency.


As always, it is best to consult with a healthcare practitioner if you are uncertain of your symptoms or do not know what those symptoms could be an indication of.


Browse our store now to find the collagen product right for you, and say goodbye to thinning hair, dry skin, fatigue, and low energy levels.

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