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Become A Contributor For Correxiko Collagen

Become A Health & Wellness Contributor For Correxiko Collagen

At people find amazing content about lifestyle, health, antiaging and more. Collagen-lovers at heart, we take our health and our readers’ health seriously.

We are always looking for more perspectives that would add value to our readers. We are looking for non-promotional material on subjects connected to health & lifestyle, and the subtopics of hair, skin, nails, joints and bones, muscles, and gut- and immune-health.

Contributors are welcome to submit relevant articles (subject to editorial review and copyright clearance).

Interested in becoming a contributor for Correxiko, the Collagen Experts? 

Simply fill out the form below to get started.

  1. Please tell us a bit about you. We are interested to get to know you better and to start with, please share your full name, email, social media links, your blog and the topics you are writing about.
  2. Please read our editorial guidelines here before you submit anything.
  3. Upon reading them, please submit your paper using the form below. Your article must be in a Word document and can be up to 5,000 words.
  4. Upon submitting it you will receive an email that we have received and and you should keep this for your records.
  5. If original photos or diagrams are used in your paper, please provide them as separate JPEG files by uploading them in the form below.
  6. Please direct any questions or concerns to Renee Kruger, at


If your content has been previously published in another publication, please include publication name, publish date and a link to the content.

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