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Category: Hair Care

Can Thin Grey Hair And Hair Loss In Women Be Prevented?

Hair loss in women could be the result of many […]

Over 45? Collagen Revitalizes Hair, Skin, And Nails In 30 Days

By the time you’re 45, working – while still maintaining […]

30 Hair Loss Facts ( And Best Products For Healthy Hair)

Many people think that hair loss is a male issue, […]

[LIST] 2 Ways To Avoid Premature Balding And Hair Loss In Men

A recent study asked a large group of executives in […]

Premature Greying In Women: 7 Reasons Why Some Go Grey Earlier Than Others

No matter how old, the first strand of grey hair […]

Does collagen contribute to healthy nails and hair?

Studies have consistently shown that taking collagen capsules or using […]

Hair Loss And Thinning Hair In Leadership: The Bald Truth

Leadership is the kind of thing where, if you don’t […]

Are Hydrolyzed Collagen Supplements Good for Your Health?

Aging decreases our body’s ability to synthesize new proteins. Collagen levels […]

Alopecia: Can Collagen Rejuvenate Thinning Hair?

Alopecia is a hair-loss condition that affects men and women […]

[LIST] 10 Ways To Add Cocoa Butter To Your Hair Routine

Most people love to add a little cocoa in one […]


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