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Category: Type I Collagen

The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Collagen Production | CORREXIKO

    It’s 5am on a cold Monday morning and […]

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Product Spotlight #1: The Skin Supplement | CORREXIKO

Can a skin supplement nourish your skin from the inside? […]

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Can Collagen Boost Your Immune System? | CORREXIKO

In the grand scheme of things, the human immune system […]

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What are collagen peptides? | CORREXIKO

Collagen peptides are macromolecules, and are a critical aspect of […]

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9 Ways You Could Be Diminishing Your Own Collagen Production

What would be the main reason for your collagen to […]

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How to achieve softer skin in 30 days

  Does your skin looks and feel like sandpaper? Ok, […]

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The Best 5 Anti-Ageing Ingredients For Younger Looking Skin. Ever

Do you like natural ingredients? Of course you do. Walk up […]

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What is Collagen?

Anti-aging supplements and plastic surgery have always been contentious issues. […]

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What Would You Tell Your 24-Year-Old Self If You Could Go Back in Time?

Have you ever wondered what you would tell your 24-year-old […]

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10 Ways To Add Cocoa Butter To Your Hair Routine

Most people love a little cocoa in one form or […]

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