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CORREXIKO Editorial Guidelines

Correxiko Blog Mission Statement

The Correxiko blog is where people of all ages find expert, practical advice on health, lifestyle as related to collagen. Our goal is to help you get better results from using collagen.


Posts on the Correxiko website are helpful, not self-promotional. No jargon or science-speak. Keep it interesting and conversational.

The audience is people from all ages taht want to improve their bodies – be it their skin, hair, nails ,gut, joints bones, muscles. They are busy. What are they going to get out of your post?


The following are required material for the CORREXIKO blog. 

Word count:

  • 500 (min) – Please don’t limit your blog post based on this number. Most of CORREXIKO blog posts range from 800 – 2800 words.

Format for sharing:

  • Share a Google doc or email a Word doc.


  • Link to other content whenever relevant. Every link included must add value for readers.

Paragraph length and spacing:

  • Keep paragraphs short. No longer than 4-5 lines.
  • We adhere to the one space after the period philosophy, not two.


  • Use headers and sub headers to break up your post.
  • Avoid big blocks of text.
  • When writing headlines be specific and indicate a benefit to the reader. Read “How to Write a Headlines” if you need pointers.
  • Use bullet or numbered lists.
  • End the post with a question or a call to action for comments. The more specific, the better.


We love images on the CORREXIKO blog. We use them to break up text, make the blog post scannable and to support data. Ideally, we include one image at every scroll depth, so an image is always visible. 

  • Include one header image 
  • All post images must be at least 710px wide.  
  • Stock Photos must NOT be staged, and they need to look natural
  • Include images that illustrate “how to” do something or images that support your story

Author bio:

  • Author bio should be 50 words max.
  • Include your headshot (350×350).
  • Link to your Twitter, LinkedIn and company.

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