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Get Softer Skin In Just 30 Days With Correxiko Collagen

Get Softer Skin In Just 30 Days | Correxiko - The Collagen Experts
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Dry and flaky skin can be itchy and embarrassing. Try these 7 top tips now to get softer skin in just 30 days.

Does your skin look and feel like sandpaper?


Ok, this may not be the accurate description of dry and harsh skin, but if you want to know how to get softer skin in 30 days, you may be wondering what the right things to do are.


It is very difficult to get softer skin if you do not have a clear plan in mind and if you do not have the proper mindset.


Take some action to make this happen.


These 7 top tips to get softer skin in just 30 days will help you learn how to achieve the results that you want in the shortest amount of time possible.

Let’s start with your diet first

To get softer skin, your diet should consist of foods that contain high amounts of antioxidants and vitamins A, C, E and K.


Foods that contain Vitamin A are:

  • blueberries
  • carrots
  • apricots
  • and tomatoes

These foods will help protect you from free radical damage, which can cause wrinkles and fine lines.


Foods that contain Vitamin C are:

  • peppers
  • strawberries
  • blackcurrants
  • broccoli
  • brussels sprouts
  • potatoes

These foods will help to protect cells and keeping them healthy maintaining healthy skin, blood vessels, bones and cartilage.


Having a healthy diet and being active will also help to keep your skin healthy. You should not neglect the importance of exercising as it will help to keep your skin from being dehydrated.


Achieving softer skin in 30 days is not so much about trying out various products in the hopes of getting rid of your acne. Instead, you need to focus on taking care of your skin properly and getting regular skin cleansing treatments.

Use an exfoliator

When you start your daily skincare regimen, you should use an exfoliator on a daily basis.


There are many different types of exfoliators available on the market today, so you will need to find the right one for your skin type.


If you want to learn how to achieve softer skin in 30 days, then you should begin by using an exfoliating scrub or toner. The best exfoliators are those that contain Vitamin E.


These natural ingredients will help to eliminate bacteria that could be causing your skin to become irritated and red.


If you want to know how to get softer skin in 30 days, then you should keep in mind that many people are suffering from dry skin. In order to keep your skin moisturized, you will need to use a moisturizing cream or lotion.

Remove Makeup

Another important thing that you will need to learn to get softer skin is how to take care of your skin when it comes to removing makeup.


This includes removing makeup in a timely manner so that you do not cause damage to your skin.


There are many people who suffer from sensitive skin, which is why they need to avoid using cosmetics which are irritating.


If you have problems with sensitive skin, then you will want to look into choosing a moisturizer or lotion that is designed for your skin type.

Protect It From The Sun

Another important aspect of caring for your skin is protecting it from the sun.

Sun protection is one of the most important things you can learn how to do in order to keep your skin looking healthy and fresh.

Using a sunscreen lotion will protect your skin from harmful ultraviolet rays from the sun.

Make sure to apply this to your entire body to avoid overexposure.

Pay Attention To Your Diet

Another aspect of learning how to achieve softer skin in 30 days is to pay close attention to your diet.


It is vital that you get plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet if you want to stay healthy and keep your skin looking its best.

Get Enough Sleep

Getting enough sleep is an important part of learning how to get softer skin in 30 days.


Our entire body rests as we sleep, including our skin. 


Our skin can not properly heal itself from damage and inflammation if we do not get enough rest. 


2017 study found that the perceived attractiveness, fitness, sleepiness, and the trustworthiness of participants were negatively affected by two days of sleep restriction. 


So, what appears to be an overnight problem might turn into something more lasting.

Get Collagen For Skin

Collagen, a natural protein created in the body, is also a common ingredient in supplements and beauty products that claim to improve the health of your skin. 


Collagen is a protein for your bones, skin , hair, muscles, tendons, and ligaments that serves as one of the key building blocks.


Collagen is the protein that gives a plump, youthful look to our skin” says Dr. Dinuk Dinessayake, CORREXIKO ‘s founder.


Since we lose collagen as we age, as part of an anti-aging beauty routine, many use collagen supplements.


CORREXIKO has a range of collagen supplements that can reverse the signs of aging and also help your skin become smooth and youthful again.


Adding collagen in your daily routine, when you have dry skin, is a must to get it hydrated again, naturally.

What is collagen powder, and how much should you take? | Correxiko - The Collagen Experts
Delivering 20 - 40 g premium collagen powder per serving per day

Collagen-lovers ourselves, we buy quality products for ourselves, and we produce quality products for you because we wouldn’t know how to do it any other way.


Once you become involved with a Correxiko product, we know you’ll stay loyal simply because there isn’t a product out there that can compete on our quality and effectiveness.

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