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Get Your Glow On: 16 Practical Holiday Skincare Tips You Can Use All Year

Get Your Glow On: 16 Practical Holiday Skincare Tips You Can Use All Year - Correxiko - The Collagen Experts

This winter, taking care of your skin has never been easier with these top holiday skincare tips from Correxiko.


Winter is often the driest time of the year for our skin. The cold and sometimes harsh climates across the northern hemisphere over the traditional festive holidays may include snow and lots of fun, but the air is dry and crisp, leaving our skin feeling the same!


The added lifestyle changes that Coronavirus brought also contributes to our skin woes, leaving us with undernourished and dry, flaky skin.

Keep reading to discover Correxiko’s top holiday skincare tips and advice





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In this wrap:

* Dry Skin In Winter

* Correxiko’s Top Holiday Skincare Tips

# 1: Skincare And Coronavirus

# 2: Makeup And Your Skin

# 3: Cleaning Products And Moisturisers

# 4: Face Masks And Acne

# 5: Skincare And Alcohol Consumption

# 6: Uneven Skin Tone

# 7: Hyperpigmentation

# 8: Skincare For Aging Skin

# 9: Detox To Get Your Glow On

# 10: Take Your Supplements

# 11: Stay Hydrated

# 12: Exfoliate Gently

# 13: Care For Your Scalp And Hair

# 14: Eat Healthily

# 15: Get Enough Sleep

# 16: Manage Your Stress




16 Practical Holiday Skincare Tips | Correxiko - Winter Skin

Low humidity in cold, dry air can reduce your skin’s barrier function, affecting exposed skin such as on your fingers and hands, face or lips. Raw, exposed skin has a tendency to become irritated, leaving us with angry (and unsightly!) red, itchy patches.

In winter, blood flow to your skin is restricted to divert heat away from your extremities and to your internal organs. This is a normal part of your body’s homeostatic response that keeps you alive – and results in incidences of frostbite.

With reduced blood flow to the skin comes with a lack of vital nutrients supplied to your skin, and a clogging of pores as a result of dead skin cells that build up and compound your skin issues further.


Winter also makes dealing with pre-existing and inflammatory skin conditions like psoriasis, eczema, and rosacea much harder to manage. Winter – and especially lockdown – is not a great time to slack on your treatments, especially with the added stress brought on by Covid 19.

Be sure to ask your dermatologist or skincare specialist for additional advice and tips this winter.

# 1: Skincare And Coronavirus

Protect your most precious organ with Correxiko’s Expert skincare tips and advice to keep your glow on during the Coronavirus pandemic.

# 2: Makeup And Your Skin

16 Practical Holiday Skincare Tips | Correxiko - Makeup

While makeup does have a way of enhancing your natural beauty, too much can have the opposite effect. When you look good, you feel good. And as a woman, looking and feeling good is vital to natural, glowing confidence for your whole body. While Halloween has passed, these makeup tips remain timeless.


# 3: Cleaning Products And Moisturizers

For beautiful skin that glows from within, take the Correxiko Collagen Quiz now, and discover which combination of products work best for your hair, skin, nails, gut health, bones, muscles, and joints.


# 4: Face Masks And Acne

Studies have shown that consuming pomegranate fruit improves and hydrates dry skin conditions, treats teenage and face-mask acne, and protects your skin from sun damage. Modest-looking and leathery to the touch, the pomegranate is widely used in Ayurvedic medicines.


Pomegranates are also loaded with antioxidants, fiber, folic acid, minerals, and vitamins A, C and E. Pomegranates can also be used when cooking or baking, and as an ingredient in a variety of dishes.


# 5: Skincare And Alcohol Consumption

Excessive alcohol consumption not only weakens your system, it damages your skin, too. Protect your body’s natural barrier with these 5 skin-conscious reasons to lower alcohol consumption.


# 6: Uneven Skin Tone

16 Practical Holiday Skincare Tips | Correxiko - Skin Tone

With so many skincare products to choose from on the market, it’s not always easy figuring out which skincare products you need for:


ü  skin toning

ü  to achieve lighter and brighter skin

ü  to neutralise free radicals in skin cells

ü  to target the causes and symptoms of hyperpigmentation

ü  to provide a more even skin tone

ü  to help rejuvenate your skin

ü  to lessen the symptoms of sun damage and free radical damage


Read more on best products for uneven skin tone and get your glow back today.


# 7: Hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation includes or is caused by freckles, birth marks, sun spots, age spots, acne scars, scalding with hot water, hormonal fluctuations, and more. These 10 things you didn’t know about hyperpigmentation may surprise you.


# 8: Skincare For Aging Skin

Aging is a process that starts from the minute we are born and by our late 20s, our bodies have stopped developing. Over time, aging can have negative effects on your overall health. Follow our essential guide to rejuvenate your hair, skin, and nails in just 30 days.


16 Practical Holiday Skincare Tips | Correxiko - Aging Skin

# 9: Detox To Get Your Glow On

Detox (or skin cleansing) has come a long way from its roots. Back in the 1970s when Detox became a “thing”, every fad diet in town wanted some of the action. Fast-forward half a century, and skin-cleansing (or detoxing) has become an essential part of our diets and lifestyles.


This skin-cleansing recipe is a power-packed, energy-boosting delight that removes toxins while you eat.


# 10: Take Your Supplements

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that is needed for natural collagen synthesis. Correxiko’s Collagen Capsule range also contain zinc, selenium, and manganese to supplement your skin, hair and nails.


The Correxiko Close-Up Skin Supplement is a targeted, 28-day self-care routine with a distinct skincare concern targeted by specific ingredients in the capsules. These ingredients include zinc, iron, probiotics, selenium, Hyaluronic Acid, and vitamins A, B (complex), C, D3, and E – essential minerals, antioxidants, and vitamins to keep your skin healthy and younger-looking for longer.


Omega-3 fatty acids are healthy fats that are known to influence and improve our bodily functions, reduce inflammation, and boost our immune systems. Are you getting enough Omega-3 fatty acids in your diet?


# 11: Stay Hydrated

Winter generally results in less water intake die to less sweating and activity. Staying well hydrated is vital for bodily functions to continue as normal, and to replace lost moisture in the skin.


# 12: Exfoliate Gently

If your skin appears dull and tired, or waxy and washed-out, you could have a build-up of dead skin cells, even if you washed your face just a few minutes ago. Harsh chemicals and soap layers may not always wash off properly. Correxiko offers you 5 steps to natural glowing skin and whole-body confidence this holiday season.


# 13: Care For Your Scalp And Hair

16 Practical Holiday Skincare Tips | Correxiko - Hair Care

Many people think that hair loss is just a male issue, but the stats on female pattern balding are just as worrying. Stress, unhealthy lifestyles, and full schedules that don’t really allow us time to pamper ourselves all contribute to hair loss. Your scalp needs winter care, too!


Recommended Reading: 2 Ways For Men To Avoid Premature Balding And Hair Loss

# 14: Eat Healthily


A healthy diet contains lots of fruit and vegetables – ideal for the collagen-lover in us all!

Browse the Correxiko Recipe collection, and get your glow on – naturally.


# 15: Get Enough Sleep

Studies show that sleep deprivation suppresses our immune system, decreases the body’s inflammatory response, and makes it easier for infections to take hold. When we sleep, our bodies get a chance to rest and repair the organs and systems that keep us alive.


16 Practical Holiday Skincare Tips | Correxiko - Sleep

# 16: Manage Your Stress

Stress can trigger many skin conditions if left unmanaged. Conditions like acne and eczema are especially prone to flare-ups, as are psoriasis and rosacea skin conditions. Stress weakens your immune system and damages core DNA strings, leaving your body unable to fight off infections and inflammation.


Beat stress in 7 ways in just 7 days.



Modern life has so many challenges… chronic stress, over-eating, processed foods, inadequate nutrient intake, and all of this takes an obvious toll on your health, beauty, and wellness.


For collagen-lovers, Correxiko easily and efficiently restores balance and helps support these daily concerns. However, our aim is to not only lessen your physical stressors, but also to create a Super YOU.


Each of our products is best-in-class in our industry and each one leaves you stronger, more energized, with more stamina, and an incredible body. Our aims and efforts go into what Correxiko calls Super Wellness, and we’ll get you there.


Correxiko’s Marine Collagen has been clinically proven to create a stronger biological effect that the standard beef collagen powders and is sourced from wild-caught deep-sea fish from clean Canadian Waters rather than farmed fish (which can be contaminated with hormones and antibiotics).


Correxiko’s uniquely low-molecular-weight hydrolyzed collagen peptides offer enhanced absorption and superior performance, providing the foundation of Super Wellness:


ü  Skin, hair, and nail regeneration

ü  Bone and joint support 

ü  Lean muscles

ü  Healthy gut support 

ü  Satiety and weight management


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