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3 Easy DIY Recipes For At-Home Nail Care

3 Easy DIY Recipes For At-Home Nail Care | Correxiko - The Collagen Experts
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Often overlooked when it comes to nail care, your hands and nails perform thousands of unnoticed activities automatically every day – without any input or thought from you. Dry and brittle nails can also be caused by diet, age, overuse of nail polish and false nail products, as well as our lifestyle choices.
Taking time out to nourish and care for ourselves is critically important to how well we function throughout this day and the next, and that includes taking care of our hands and basic nail care. Neglected fingernails can tell you a lot about a person’s lifestyle, habits, preferences, and overall health.
Collagen supplements support healthy nail growth, and provide the body with many additional health benefits.
These 3 easy DIY at-home nailcare recipes will nourish, restore, and strengthen your nails – use daily for best results:
DIY nail growth serum – packed full of collagen-boosting citrus goodness
DIY nail oil – with sweet almond oil to hydrate and strengthens brittle nails
DIY nail soak – includes garlic and lemon to whiten nails and make them more resistant to breaking or splitting.
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