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This 1 Ingredient Will Give You Glowing Skin, According to Vogue

The Single Ingredient According to Vogue
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Naturally glowing and radiant skin is the ultimate goal. Who doesn’t want to wake up with younger-looking, fresher skin that makes people believe you have your life in control and are sleeping and eating well?

The Science Behind Dull Skin

As a person grows older, collagen synthesis in their body decreases, which causes the skin to thin. Collagen is the protein found in the skin, tissues of the muscle, bones, tendons, blood vessels, and digestive system that maintains skin strength and elasticity.

However, over time, this collagen starts to degrade, it can lead to wrinkles, fine lines, and dull and ageing skin.

A lack of it also causes the natural cell turnover rate to slow down, resulting in lacklustre skin tone, dark spots, sun damage, and visible signs of ageing.

Why Collagen is Important for Skin Health

Collagen is the most prevalent protein that keeps the skin soft, smooth, and firm, helping cells renew and repair themselves. It keeps the skin hydrated and adds a protective barrier to protect it from water loss, free radicals, and environmental damage.

When you are born, your body has a plentiful supply of collagen that works to keep your skin supple and smooth. However, factors like sun exposure, pollution, and age break down the collagen in your body.

Collagen production starts to decline after the age of twenty. It slows down at the rate of one per cent every year, making the skin thinner and more fragile over time.

A lack of collagen is the main culprit behind the lines forming around your mouth and eyes, and the deep wrinkles furrowing your forehead.

The Secret to Glowing Skin

You guessed it, collagen! More specifically, marine collagen. While there are multiple types of collagen in the body, type I consists of 90% collagen.

This potent collagen is the key structural component of several tissues in the body as it can be absorbed easily.

It is the building block to healthy skin, nails, hair, organs, and bones. This form of collagen is found in four main sources: fish, beef, pork, and chicken.

However, studies show that collagen found in fish is the ultimate, unmatched collagen that works wonders for the skin and hair.

Did you know that after the age of 18, collagen levels in our body slowly drop, accelerating by 1.5% per year from the age of 30?

The collagen drop is more apparent in women, especially after menopause.

The solution? Marine collagen.

Marine collagen comes from fish skin rather than fish scales. This means that it has a higher concentration of collagen. The fish are wild-caught from pristine Canadian waters, so you don’t have to worry about harmful ingredients like plastic particles, lead, or heavy metals contaminating the fish.

Moreover, marine collagen is free of diseases and viruses that can affect other animals such as Swine Flu.

Benefits of Marine Collagen


Since marine collagen is the same collagen naturally found in our skin, ingesting it helps reverse the effects of ageing on the skin, hair, bones, and tissues in our body.

It repairs the skin collagen and elastin protein fibres while thickening the outermost layer of the skin, also known as the epidermis.

Science proves that marine collagen supplements have a significant role in decreasing wrinkles, improving skin hydrating, and strengthening the body.

Antioxidant Protection

Several amino acids, such as lysine, glycine, proline, and hydroxyproline, can be found in marine collagen. These amino acids have their individual benefits.

While proline and glycine are antioxidants that protect the skin from free radical damage, hydroxyproline helps regulate a cell’s oxidative state.

Clinical studies have shown that marine collagen protects the skin from damage caused by ultraviolet (UV) light.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), prolonged exposure to UV light causes sunburn and premature ageing of the skin, leading to wrinkles, spotting, actinic keratosis, and dull skin.

Marine collagen helps reverse the damage, leaving you with bright, clear, and radiant skin.


Research has shown that marine collagen peptides have antibiotic effects on the body. They restrict the development of infection and disease-responsible bacteria in the body.

If you experience cystic acne, patchy skin, inflammation, or pimples, marine collagen can help diminish them and leave you with smooth, spotless skin.

Increased Lean Body Mass

Dietary protein intake is essential for weight management, muscle repair, leaner body mass, and immune function. That is why to lose weight or gain muscle, gym instructors recommend starting their clients off on a protein-based diet.

Since protein builds muscle, it is known to improve workout performance and enhance recovery.

Marine collagen, a pure protein with no fat or carbohydrate, helps increase the absorption of protein in the body. In fact, the amino acid found in marine collagen, proline, regulates the entire body’s protein synthesis.

Since marine collagen is linked to increasing lean body mass and making the body better from within, you can expect its results to lead to healthier, brighter skin. After all, a healthy body equals healthy skin.

Correxiko Marine Collagen 

Our best- selling marine collagen peptides power promises all the above-mentioned benefits, superior joint flexibility, bone strength, and an apparent difference in hair health.

Our powder is flavourless, economical, and can be mixed in your morning coffee, evening juice, or directly in water.

By adding Correxiko Marine Collagen powder in your everyday routine – just mix two scoops a day in your favourite smoothly, coffee, tea or food – you will notice brighter skin, stronger nails, shinier hair, and a visible decrease in the visibility of skin ageing and scars.

Remember, consistency is key!

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