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Essential Life Skills: Why A Sense Of Humour Is Great For Your Health

Essential Life Skills: Why A Sense Of Humour Is Great For Your Health | Correxiko - The Collagen Experts
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Having a sense of humour means you’re better able to laugh at life in general, and the health benefits are amazing. But, we get it … things haven’t been funny for a while now.


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What Does It Mean To Have A Sense Of Humour?


Humour can be used in a few ways: 


  • to ease tension or stress in difficult situations
  • to identify and connect with others
  • to laugh at life’s misfortunes

According to Huffington Post, there are nine types of humour, including slapstick, self-depreciating, improvisation, dark, wordplay, and observational ~ the ability to make everyday life and its issues sound like fun.


Sarcasm and snarky puns may be great for a laugh right now, but use caution when dropping your “humour bombs” amongst strangers. People tend to have a different sense of humour to you, which is one of the reasons we are all unique.


Listen to the podcast: Humour, The Secret Weapon To Great Communication


Another essential life skill, empathy helps to determine how the other person is feeling so you’re better able to judge the situation and circumstances.


Can Having A Sense Of Humour Boost Your Physical And Mental Health ?


Laughter offers up some amazing health boosts, such as: 

  • relieves built-up tension in difficult situations (use with caution)
  • improves your immune health by generating more infection-fighting antibodies into your blood stream
  • relieves pain by relaxing your muscles
  • helps you connect with people, and reduces work-related stress
  • stimulates organs and releases endorphins into the body to increase your overall well-being
  • absolutely improves your mood (even just for a minute)
  • burns calories because laughter is an aerobic exercise that protects your heart and increases blood flow

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Can A Sense Of Humour Improve Your Quality Of Life?


Humour can be used in a number of ways for a number of reasons, not just to boost your physical health.


At work, diffusing tension reduces stress, is more productive, and provides motivation that strengthens commitment to the task at hand. Having a sense of humour also improves interpersonal skills and promotes open, two-way communication.


A sense of humour is also considered an attractive quality in a mate, where nearly 90% of all respondents (both male and female) actively look for a sense of humour when dating.


Having a sense of humour also builds trust and confidence in both yourself and from your friends’ and peers’ points of view.


Take the Foundations Of Happiness At Work Course (for  individuals or  teams) now.


Essential Life Skills: Why A Sense Of Humour Is Great For Your Health | Correxiko - The Collagen Experts

Can Having A Sense Of Humour Make You Live Longer?


It has been said that people with a good sense of humor may live longer than those who don’t have a well-developed sense of humour.


Laughter offers protection against depression and anxiety, improves self-esteem, and helps us perform better under stress and pressure.


Learn How To Improve Your Sense Of Humour now.


Is A Sense Of Humour An Essential Life Skill?



Coping in the new normal of pandemics and lockdowns – and their related stressors – is a very difficult thing to do for most. Laughter is a great coping mechanism that relieves tension, not just in the room, but in your muscles and neck, too.



Hard laughter – a really good belly-ache kind of laugh – can help you empty your bladder, get more air in your lungs, put a smile on your face, make your steps seem lighter somehow … and do all of this for the person you’re with, too.



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