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What is Collagen?

what is collagen

Anti-aging supplements and plastic surgery have always been contentious issues. Some want it, some get it, and some are damaged by it.

While implants and filler injections don’t always go the way we want them to, there are natural ways to keep your skin looking younger for longer, while boosting your immune system and overall health at the same time.

Collagen Is Protein

Collagen; from the Greek κόλλα (kólla), meaning “glue”, and γέν, or -gen, meaning “to produce”

Collagen is used in reconstructive surgery, as a healing aid for burn victims, bone reconstructions, dental procedures, and more. Collagen used in some of these medical procedures is drawn from cow-, horse-, or pig- fat, and is known collectively as mammalian collagen.

In addition, a patient’s own fat and collagen reserves may also be used. Where necessary, human collagen is donated by organ donors who have passed away, and has been screened and tested to have low reactivity in immune systems.

Collagen is also derived from fish bones, scales, and skin. Known as marine collagen, the bioavailability of this product (versus bovine collagen, for example), makes it an affordable, effective, and sustainable alternative.

Marine collagen also has lower gelling and melting temperatures than mammalian collagen. In addition – and perhaps most importantly – marine collagen is extracted from everyday and common fish species like cod, mackerel, and herring. This makes it suitable for vegans and other lifestyle eating habits.

At its most basic, collagen is protein. And regardless of its source, collagen is collagen because the same proteins are used, whether mammalian or fish.

Collagen makes up 25-35% of all the protein found in your body, and is in fact the biggest protein present in our body. Despite this, collagen is actually quite a simple protein.

Collagen is a structural protein that strengthens tendons, and supports the skin and internal organs. When mineral crystals are added to collagen, bones and teeth begin to form.

What Are the Health Benefits of Collagen?

While collagen offers many medical benefits, it also offers the everyday Jane immense health benefits. For instance, did you know that collagen smooths the lining of the gut (just as it does for skin) to aid in digestion?

The gut is the seat of the human immune system, the birth place of all cells, antibodies, and disease-fighting molecules. Just like the human immune system cannot function without essential vitamins and minerals, collagen requires that we boost our mineral and vitamin intake to function optimally, too.

Collagen’s triple-helix structure forms when an abundance of proline, glycine, and hydroxyproline amino acids are present. Known as protein-builders, these amino acids are also sometimes referred to as proteinogens. Collagen fibers contain thousands of molecules, bound together by polypeptides or strings of amino acids.

Most known for the structural role it plays in our body, collagen is found in large quantities in connective tissue, providing ligaments, tendons, and joints with tensile strength. In research, much larger focus groups are needed before scientists can document all the health benefits of collagen, and why we need collagen supplements.

Collagen Is For Skin

In skin, collagen is responsible for elasticity, strength, texture, resilience, hydration, and appearance. In fact, collagen weighs about 75% of your skin’s dry weight!

Collagen is mostly found in the dermis – the second layer of skin. Interestingly, two different types of collagen connect the dermis to the hypodermis below and the epidermis above.

However, a steady production of healthy, high-quality collagen depends on your age, and whether your body can manufacture more collagen over time.

Collagen Repairs The Effects Of Time

One of the benefits of collagen is the fact that it can help in repairing the damage caused by time. As we age, our bodies shed dead cells. Exfoliation can remove the dead skin cells, but not rejuvenate them or heal damaged cells. The older we get, the less collagen we produce.

Collagen supplements like marine collagen capsules supports skin tone and elasticity, giving skin a radiantly youthful appearance. In addition, marine collagen repairs and replenishes collagen in cartilage, tendons and bones for superior joint flexibility and bone strength.

Other factors that accelerate collagen loss include factors like stress, pollution, smoking and a high-sugar diet. Collagen supplements work best when taken in conjunction with a protein-rich diet, a healthy lifestyle, and a good skincare routine to preserve collagen.

Collagen Prevents Age Spots

The benefits of collagen also include the prevention of appearance of age spots, premature balding and graying, and collagen is also extremely beneficial for the production of elastin (another powerful protein). Collagen peptides are short chains of amino acids used as collagen building blocks. High levels of collagen peptides may stimulate new collagen formation.

Amino acids help to protect the body’s existing collagen supply by functioning as antioxidants, where they block the action of enzymes that break down collagen. This in turn can prevent the development of premature wrinkles.

Collagen Reduces Wrinkles

As collagen levels drop in the body, you may start seeing more wrinkles, stiffer joints, weaker muscles, and a few digestive system problems. As your skin takes on the brunt of the loss of collagen, the signs of aging can increase, leading to premature wrinkles.

If you are over 30 and already have wrinkles on your skin, it is very likely that your body is producing less collagen. To keep your skin looking its best, collagen supplements can add a layer of protection to your skin and overall health.

What Collagen Supplements Are Best?

Not all supplements are created equal, and not all equal supplements work the same way. Collagen supplements work to fill the gaps your specific and unique body needs because no two people’s levels of collagen or amino acids are the same at any given time.

To maximize the benefits of collagen, ensure the product you choose contains the best nutrients that will increase collagen production in your body. Check the product FAQs, read the labels, and ask questions.

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