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What Would You Tell Your 24-Year-Old Self If You Could Go Back in Time?

What Would You Tell Your 24-Year-Old Self If You Could Go Back in Time? - Correxiko - The Collagen Experts

Have you ever wondered what you would tell your 24-year-old self if you could go back in time? Is there any warning or advice you would’ve given? Any wisdom you’d like to share?

Here’s the advice we’d give to ourselves:

Take the Damn Supplements

You might think that you are young, and you have your whole life to take those supplements that your doctor prescribed six-months ago, but soon, you’ll see your skin sagging, and you’ll start to tire out quicker than you used to.

Get your vitamin levels checked and start taking supplements if you need to. Include a collagen powder into your diet so that you can preserve your skin’s hydration and keep wrinkles at bay, flaunt your shiny hair, rejuvenate your body, strengthen your bones and joints, and stay energetic for as long as possible.

Don’t forget to eat a healthy diet. You might hate your parents for forcing you to have greens, but you will soon realize how important they are. Make your own meals, incorporate fruits and vegetables into your life, and make sure to meet your daily protein requirements.

Protect Your Time and Honor Your Priorities

People will ask you for favors. You will have to take out time to do things for them. If you say yes, and then go on to complain about how overwhelmed, stress, and anxious you are, there is no one to blame but yourself. 

They say that time is precious. It doesn’t wait for anyone, and it sure as hell never comes back. Learn to say no when you want to so that you can carve out space for things that matter the most to you. 

Embrace Yourself

Confidence does not come easy, but it is necessary. You need to embrace yourself every minute and stop seeking people’s approval. It is important to find your own truth and not take yourself so seriously each time.

Don’t let anyone put you down. Always believe that you are smart and beautiful, but you are human. Allow yourself to fail, but don’t forget to pick yourself back up.

Having the Perfect Body Does Not Guarantee Happiness

You’ll find YouTubers, celebrities, and models telling you about all the weight they lost and how happy they are. You’ll see pictures of people in bikinis and cute underwear, showing off their flat tummies and thigh gaps.

Remember that being skinny is not a goal. You can achieve your goal weight but focus on being healthy. Being skinny might offer you some short-lived, part-time happiness, but it won’t matter in the long run. Instead, make peace with your body, nourish it, strengthen it, and keep it healthy. Appreciate it and be grateful that it allows you to move, breathe, think, dance, and exist.

Forgive Yourself

Forgiveness is underrated. You might get super mad at yourself and allow that anger to live inside your body, destroying your peace and robbing your sleep. In a few years, however, you will realize that forgiving yourself would have been easier than living with the unhappiness.

Understand that you will make mistakes in life. Instead of feeling chronically frustrated, angry, and shameful, learn to let go. Don’t dwell on what is over. Let yourself learn through your mistakes. Let yourself make some bad decisions that will help you learn and not repeat them. It’s okay to let yourself off the hook because now, you are wiser.

Grace and compassion in the face of a mistake will grow to be a constructive tool that you will use your entire life, given you master it early on. Consider this as practice for the future.

Show Up

Hiding behind email is easy. Avoiding phone calls and ditching date nights might seem convenient at the moment, but this is the time to build connections. Make friendships that will last a lifetime. Listen to the rhythm of someone’s voice. Learn to read their body language and identify pauses. Understand what they do when they are nervous or how their eyes look when they are happy. Follow the change in their tone when they talk about something that brings them pain. Conversations made behind a screen are entirely different than those made in person.

If you make a plan, promise yourself to honor it. Do not ditch friends and family because you feel lazy or want to catch up on some sleep. Meet as many people as you can right now because you don’t know what life might throw at you in a few years.

Whatever happens, don’t let anyone determine your worth. Have faith in your own merit because no one can take that away from you regardless of what happens. There is no quick route to growth, so you will have to go through all the obstacles and make those mistakes for better or worse.

Living through the food and bad experiences will help you evolve into a better version of yourself. Just make sure to hold on tight to your integrity, kindness, gentleness, clarity, honesty, and grace. Don’t obsess over the past, or you might forget to notice the beauty of the present.

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